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That challenge the market

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What We Do

We really enjoy creating new products that challenge your markets.

The possibilities are endless using the combination of our experience, creativity and a strong local and international supply chains.

We can help take your project from concept to completion. Ask us to collectively brainstorm on your brief to design a unique product from scratch using world’s best practice production values. We’ll then project manage the entire production and delivery process for you.

We’re ethically minded.

We only use ethical factories to fulfil your vision. We subscribe to all applicable international standards and conduct independent inspections and audits on all of our factories regularly to make sure everything’s shipshape.

When appropriate, we use SGS and Intertek international standards to independently test the safety and quality of our products. This helps us mitigate manufacturing risks for products for consumer consumption.

We're here to make you shine.

We guide you through the endless promotional possibilities to create products that set your brand apart.

Lower prices

Achieved through volume purchasing and production


With orders dispatched within 24 hours from our warehouse


From your relationship manager and graphic designer

Measurable results

Measured usage allows us to tailor the program for periods to come


Brand compliance; we get to know your brand inside and out

Best practise

Tap into our worldwide supply chain