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That challenge the market

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Who We Are

At CORPEDGE, we’re committed to boosting your promotional product campaigns up a notch.

Because we think differently, we’re able to identify exactly what you need to challenge the market, grab more customer attention and set your brand apart.

You’ll find each member of our team completely focussed on achieving your promotional goals, full to the brim with clever ideas, dedicated to supporting your brand and exhibiting impeccable follow through.

Together, we’ve got just the right mix of talent, creativity and marketing smarts to walk our talk (perhaps do a fiendishly complicated little dance move on the side), and achieve more for your business.

Divergent thinking + Disruptive merchandise

= more brand awareness, customer loyalty, repeat business & positive word of mouth.

Put simply, we’re doers.

We’re a close-knit group of creatives, experts and facilitators who understand you’re after a great promotional solution that grabs attention and generates ROI. So that’s what we deliver.

We’re skilled at designing products from scratch, optimising manufacturing efficiencies to save you money, and helping you achieve better outcomes. Or select a pre-existing product for a quick, easy promotion. Whatever way you choose to work with us, we’re here to help.

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We really know our stuff.

We know things – like that you need to be registered with the Australian Government to import a pen, or that balloons are the most natural, eco-friendly product because they’re made from a natural resource that completely breaks down over time.

And that means we’re can be a great asset for your business.

Why? Because we’ve got the knowledge, experience and drive to ensure your next promotional campaign is a huge success.

Ask us how.